A weekly podcast featuring stories, songs, random bits of weirdness, and interviews with some of the country's best, and most interesting, writers, musicians, comedians, and actors.

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The AV Club:
"Tell Your Friends favors a genteel, literary tone that evokes the soothing storytelling of Ira Glass and This American Life more than the comedy-podcast template of comedians gabbing with other comedians about comedy stuff...
McEneaney’s curiosity and affection for people and their fascinating imperfections comes through in both his stories and interviews. Tell Your Friends has a cozy, nicely lived-in feel."

"More of a magazine-style show than a straight comic-on-comic interview... Tell Your Friends! has a more polished feel than the average podcast, tightly edited with jingles and commercials that you won’t need to skip through."

"...I so immensely enjoy the Tell Your Friends podcast. It's like a funnier, more alternative version of NPR. Host and producer Liam McEneaney calls each episode an "issue," like an issue of a magazine, which is the best way to describe it. Each episode includes a variety of formats, including interviews, storytelling, written comedic monologues, and other free-flowing thoughts. Liam McEneany is a longtime staple of the New York comedy scene and therefore has a lot of connections, but seems to value having interesting and engaging guests with a particular story to tell rather than personal friends."

Hosted and produced by Liam McEneaney.

27th January 2014



It’s the Music Nerd Issue!

Download it right here.

In this week’s issue of Tell Your Friends! History’s Greatest podcast, we speak to guitar virtuoso Kaki King, whom Rolling Stone called one oftheir Top 100 Guitar Gods about her start in music, her technique, her marriage, and touring with the Foo Fighters and playing with Dave Grohl.

We also speak to Mike Doughty about his album of reimaginings of Soul Coughing songs, his philosophy on dog “parenting,” and the most ’90s music phrase.

Kambri Crews tells us the story of how Satanic rock provided her with Salvation, and Liam McEneaney tells us a couple stories about brushes with fame and death.

This week’s issue is sponsored by Liam McEneaney’s album, Comedian. You can buy it here.

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Theme song by A Brief View of the Hudson.